How to connect 9 dots with a single straight line

Screen Shot 2015-01-13 at 7.47.44 PM

“Can you connect nine dots with four straight lines?”

I ran into this question at a creativity lecture at my school. Instantly I came up with this solution. If you’d like to find your own solution, stop scrolling for a minute.





Here is a famous solution where you can connect with four lines.



Here’s my own solution where you can connect with a single line.
2015-01-13 19.13.38

1. First draw nine dots.

2015-01-13 19.15.10

2. Cut it out.

2015-01-13 19.16.08

3. Fold it into four as above.

2015-01-13 19.16.55-2

4. Fold one short side as a triangle. The side should overlap with the lines where it needs to be connected.

2015-01-13 19.17.09

5. Then it should look like above.

2015-01-13 19.18.28

6. Now get your paint.

2015-01-13 19.20.57

7. Paint once like above.(You can use a brush)

2015-01-13 19.21.38

8. It worked! Kinda…….

2015-01-13 19.27.27

9. With a marker it looks prettier 😀


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