[Arduino #15] Arduino + Chuck => Touché

I know, Touché looks fantastic. Though if you find out the instruction, you will be very surprised how simple the process is.(Or how technology nowadays made such incredible thing so easy to do) However you will be really surprised again(for the third time) how cumbersome it is to implement it.

Making breadboard layout: (Yeay, my very first computer drawn breadboard layout!)

Screen Shot 2014-09-30 at 10.19.54 PM

I hope this layout helps other people. With the picture on Instructable it was so difficult to understand. Making the inductor was really interesting. There was no such big inductor at our lab so we teared down an old pc in order to find the right one. The biggest one we found from the pc was 0.1mH. So the assistant(my savior) just brought the entire roll of raw coil and it reached 15mH. The diameter of the coil was maybe 0.5mm and there were perhaps about 100 bindings.

Finishing the breadboard layout was not the end of the game. Running the Chuck code was also tricky. You need to give the right port number as the parameter. (NOT the Arduino Uno pin number!!!)

chuck springshowers.ck: 2

If you run the original code, you will hear the background rain sound. In order to remove that, you need to comment out the rain sound part.

About capacitors:

The difference between a capacitor and a battery is that a capacitor can dump its entire charge in a tiny fraction of a second, where a battery would take minutes to completely discharge.

About inductors:

  • The number of coils – More coils means more inductance.
  • The material that the coils are wrapped around (the core)
  • The cross-sectional area of the coil – More area means more inductance.
  • The length of the coil – A short coil means narrower (or overlapping) coils, which means more inductance.

H = (4 * Pi * #Turns * #Turns * coil Area * mu) / (coil Length * 10,000,000)

About capacitors and inductors

  • Both capacitors and inductors store energy. 
  • A capacitor stores energy in the form of an electrostatic field, while an inductor uses a magnetic field.
  • Usually you use a much smaller coil. One big use of inductors is to team them up with capacitors to create oscillators.

Question: I see two capacitors and one inductor are being an oscillator but what is that supposed to do with Touché? And what is exactly happening when touching the water?


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