[TU-A1100] Lecture by Peter Kelly

Sales(Price * Volume)

Price can be interpreted as “experience” when Volume as “quantity”. For instance Starbucks coffee costs 5 bucks when in Sodexo it costs 1.50 bucks. It’s because in Starbucks you get experience with your coffee.

Costs(fixed or Variable)

Aalto buildings are fixed because the school rule doesn’t allow you to reinvent it. It’s a heritage. On the other hand Design Factory is variable because you can reinvent it for any good reason in any possible way. Remember Design factory used to be really a factory before. Now it’s an Aalto innovation center.

Profit( +, -, zero)

Customers – Offering – Profitable – Returns on investment

Brewery: Painimo

Know the rule!!!

ex). Carpet issue in TUAS AVP room.


– Know what you are doing.

57% of new restaurants close in 3 years

– Recruit an expert. Be present(No absentee owner. Things disappear)


– Three main Finnish beverage firms monopolize Finnish beer market


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