[Arduino Diary #1] First day

This is my personal diary for my Aalto course, “ELEC-A4910 Electrical Engineering Workshop“. 

In the lecture the lecturer talked about how the course will be done. He also showed interesting projects from the previous courses.

The most interesting ones were

1. Hoovercraft

2. Quadcopter


3. Laser harp

Here is a project I’d like to do.

The instruction and codes can be found here. The original project is a navigation but I just want a director-helmet. A director-helmet indicates to which direction(left or right) the rider is going to turn. 



I initially didn’t think about the bluetooth controller but I thought of capturing motion sensor; if you want to turn left you tilt your head left. However as a biker it didn’t take me long time to realize that doing so is tiresome and not practical.

This project might be pretty easy so i might need to something else.

I think LED shoes might be interesting.

I first thought that LEDs light up according to the nearest pressure sensor but I don’t know if that’s easy to do. Then I thought colour change according to the frequency would be cool.




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