Emacs learning – day 1

It’s been little over an year since I’ve learned CS stuff. I started with Python and then C, Java, HTML, CSS, etc. So far I preferred simple(TextWrangler, gedit) tools to heavy tools like NetBeans and Eclipse. 

Few months ago when I was doing C homework at school, I saw my expert friend who was debugging on Emacs and I was completely overwhelmed. Though it looked it’d require me so much time to learn only the tool so I just forgot about it. Currently I’m following Web App tutorial and the instructor uses Sublime Text. I was again overwhelmed by the cool keybindings and extensions. I was almost about to finish my Paypal process but then something came in my mind: “Wait, learning Sublime Text will take some time anyway. My school computers don’t have Sublime. Also it costs 50 euros! If I’m seriously to learn something powerful and if I had time right now, why not learn something really cool?” So I start Emacs.

Great tips about Mac OS X productivity and Emacs customization.(Though the Emacs part is not really for beginners)

Really Useful Intro video.

Screen Shot 2014-08-19 at 12.47.15 PM

Sacha Chua offers this beautiful hand-drawn guides.

I’m starting my day 1 by reading the bundled tutorials on Emacs and the video:

Today I learned the following keys:

C-v: Move down screenful

M-v: Move up screenful

C-l: redisplay(Which I don’t find so useful)

C-b, C-p, C-n, C-f: left, up, down, right arrow key

M-b, M-f: Move back and forward by word

C-a: Beginning of the line

C-e: End of the line

M-a: Beginning of the sentence

M-e: End of the sentence

M-<: The beginning of the text

M->: The end of the text

C-u <num>: Repetition, ex). C-u-10-M-f: Move 10 words forward

C-g: Execute commands

C-x <num>: number of windows 



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